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Based in the beautiful, historical and cosmopolitan of London, Long Let Studios has been serving and fulfilling your rental requirements for over one and a half decades, since 1998.

Our friendly and highly experienced staff assists you in understanding your needs and helps you in zeroing in on the best rental accommodation to match your requirement. Our wide range of studio apartments,in the most exquisite locations of London, come fully furnished with elegant furnishings eliminating the need to shift your furnishings or buying new ones. Our in-house maintenance takes care of any damages or repairs in a timely and effective manner.We have CCTV cameras and security locks and doors systems installed at our properties ensure that you don’t get disturbed after the day’s hard work.

We provide you with the option of choosing your own rent payment cycle on a monthly basis. Once you pay the rent, you need not worry about your electricity, water or heating bills. They are already covered in your rent.

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